What can I bring my physical media in?

We accept your media in any way it comes, as long as we can access it! For photos, the most common ways are in collages/binders or shoeboxes. For VCR/VHS tapes, we have seen them in boxes or individually. Whatever works for you!

How will I receive my digital media?

You can request for your digital media to be uploaded online for 30 day increments or on a USB stick.

How can I bring/receive my media?

If you are local (Windsor, Ontario area), we can pickup/drop-off both ways. Otherwise, we can arrange for shipping.

What payment methods are available?

We accept E-Transfers, Cash (local), Credit and Debit cards and PayPal.

Can I get editing done on my media?

Yes! We offer color correction, black and white to color, de-blur and red eye correction. If you need editing that is not listed above, please ask us about it!

When can I expect my media to be done?

Depending on how much media you provide us, we can give you a personal time estimate once you reach out to us. You can expect an average wait time of 2 days-1 week.

How can I make sure my media is safe?

We understand that the photos/videos you provide to us is very important to you and we take protective mesasures to make sure that it is not lost or damaged. We treat your media as if it was our own!

Prepare your Media

The below section will cover everything you should know before and during the job, and how you can best prepare your media to make sure you get the best result from our service!

Collapsible content

How are "hours" counted?

One hour of VHS video content is counted as the following: "60 minutes of video footage, not including 'deadspaces', and including content that you request to be taken out". If you request for content to be taken out, it still has to be processed before it is cut and will count towards your total hours. If you want the beginning section of a tape to be cut out, please ensure that the tape is set to start where you would like it to start to avoid extra charges.

Can a final price be presented before starting?

A final price is determined by total video hours/photos processed at the end of the job (plus add-ons). If you know exactly how many hours/photos you have, you can figure it out with our rate.

How can I request editing?

VHS Tapes: Please leave a written note on the label of the VHS tape or on a sticky note stuck to the tape you want edited detailing what you want done. Please note there are extra charges for requesting editing.

Photos: Please leave a written note on a sticky note of what you want done and place it on the specific photo you want edited.

Standard Photo Options:
- Color Correction: $0.10/photo
- Red Eye Correction: $0.20/photo
- De-Blur: $0.20/photo
- B&W to Color: $0.40/photo

If you want editing that is not on this list, please reach out for a quote.

How can I provide extra information about a photo/VHS tape?

If there is something we should know about a photo or video that could speed up the process of the job, please write it on a sticky note or on a label of a VHS tape and we will take it into consideration while reviewing.

Do I need to make a deposit?

A deposit of $25 is required on drop-off/pick-up/shipment of your media before we can begin any work. If you are planning on shipping your media to us, we can arrange for an online payment.

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